More Than Wheels is an award-winning nonprofit organization that helps people get the best deal on a reliable and fuel-efficient car. Since its establishment in 2001, More Than Wheels has helped thousands of New England residents get the best deal on a new or nearly new car by negotiating with dealers to secure the lowest price and providing the lowest interest rate available. We provide personal financial education by giving people the tools and knowledge they need to improve and maintain their financial stability—now and in the future.

As a result of the new car and empowered with the knowledge and skills, many are able to improve their job prospects, their family’s health and well-being, their credit and overall financial stability. A survey conducted by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire showed that among More Than Wheels clients surveyed:

  • 75 percent reported spending less on car repairs.
  • 73 percent reported a better overall financial outlook.
  • 50 percent are better able to get to their jobs.
  • 52 percent had improved access to health care.
  • 38 percent have improved access to nutritious food options.

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Get the Best Deal on a New Car

Whether you have good credit or need help with your finances, our car-buying experts will:

Help you find the car that fits your needs.
Negotiate with the dealer and the bank on your behalf to get the lowest price and interest rate.
Help you save on gas and repairs with a reliable, fuel-efficient car.

Improve Your Finances

For people who need help with their finances, More Than Wheels' award-winning program features a comprehensive Financial Fitness course that can help you raise your credit score and improve your financial planning. Our program has helped over 1,500 New England residents save money and plan for the future.


Did You Know?

Since 2001, More Than Wheels has helped thousands of families finance more than $25 million in loans so they can buy a reliable car and plan for the future.


Bonnie CLAC is now More Than Wheels

Introducing More Than Wheels - our new name for the groundbreaking not-for-profit program that has helped over 1,300 hardworking families overcome their debt and turn their lives around.

More Than Wheels is about ownership. We help people own reliable, affordable cars so they can get out of debt, turn their life around and own their future. And as we reach out to more and more Americans struggling to manage the hidden costs of car ownership, we believe the name More Than Wheels will better convey the true impact of our program.

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